1. Organizer: Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs, LZ1KFM/LZ5R and Bolkan Contest Group

2. Date: September 16-th 2023

2. Location: Karlovo, Bulgaria

2. Accomodation: Hotel Shterev

3. All licensed radio amateurs have the right to participate in the contest.

The prices for accommodation are as following:

In a single room /6pcs/ – 60lv per person

In a double room / 22pcs/ – 40lv per person

Studio apartment for two/ 2pcs/ – 60v per person

Studio apartment for three/ 2pcs/ – 40lv per person

Studio apartment for four/2pcs/ – 40lv per person

In the VIP studio for two / 2ps/ – 65lv per person

The prices for accomodation include tourist tax, parking and VAT.

The applications for rooms and the 20% deposit are accepted until there are rooms available at the following mail:

If the competitor does not apply and send the deposit early the price per night is increased with 5lv.

1. The GALA dinner on 16.09 is paid by the competitor, the price being 30lv per person. The price for guests of the GALA dinner is 35lv per person.

2. For competitors and accompanying people, who do not wish to use the offered hotel – they can use other hotels or flats in the city of Karlovo and the region.

3. The starting tax for competitors, members of BFRA and international competitors is 10lv per person.

4. The starting tax for competitors not members of BFRA is 15lv per person.

5. If a generator is requested the price for members of BFRA and international competitors is 25lv per person.

6. If a generator is requested the price for non-membering competitors of BFRA is 30lv per person.

7. Competitors who wish to recieve a generator must send a mail or call 15 days before the competition.

8. Competitor registration and draft to recieve a competitor number and envelope will be held at 09:00am on September 16th 2023. The starting tax will be collected at the moment of registering in the hotel. The competitor number identifies the person holding it in the competiton and his location. The envelope contains information about the special inicial with which the competitor will compete.

9. The arrival on-site is done 1 hour before the start of the competition. Every competitor is required to arrive by his means, walking or driving, to take his place and to setup his equipment. The places are marked beforehand with numbered poles and also on the map of the region(including GPS coordinates).

10. The start and end of the competition is decided by the organizers.The duration of the contest is 4 hours. Each competitor participates with his own transceiver with an output power up to 100 watts and power supply (battery or generator). Competitors with transceivers with output power above 100 watts must be limited to 100 watts output power. Antennas are provided with a certain length of transmitter and coaxial cable. It is forbidden to change the configuration and addition of radials or other cables. The use of internet, clusters and skimmers during the competition is forbidden.

11. All competitors must use reducers of RF power and antennas supplied by the company ACOM Ltd., which will be distributed among the competitors before the beginning of the contest.

12. Report: the control numbers are composed of 6 digits, the first 3 being the number of the connection and the second 3 being the first three digits of the last connection corespondance. On the first control connection the control number given is 001000. The time in between connection to the same radio station is 30 minutes. This interval can be changed by decision of the referees based on the number of competitiors, with an allowed difference in timestamps in two reports up to 3 minutes. The rules are the same as in the LZ championships and LZ Open contest. For competitors writing on paper, after the competition computers will be supplied for writing the reports in electronic format in the precence of a referee.

13. Mode and Band: Work is allowed only on 3.5mhz /from 3.510mhz to 3.600mhz/ of telegraphing in compliance with the rules of IARU 1 region.

14. Referees shall monitor during the contest the observation of the contest rules by the competitors and have the right to terminate the participation of a competitor in case of non-compliance with the contest rules or if his equipment creates interference.

15. Competition categories:

a) One operator without assitance. The organizer can announce additional categories based on the number of participants /if there are more than two competitors from one city/members of the same club/ and there are over five pairs/team ranking.

b) Based on countries – the top 3 results from the competitors of the country will be taken.

16. Logs in electronic format Cabrillo must be delivered to referees on CD or flash not later than 16:30 local time.

17. The results and awards will be announced during the dinner after the competition day.

18. The awards are announced from the organizers and BFRA before every competition