N1MM Setup

N1MM setup for LZ Open and LZ Sprint Contests

Download last version of N1MM here.

Supports all three versions of the contest (LZ Open contest, LZ Open 40 meter Sprint contest and LZ Open 80 meter Sprint contest)

    • Window: Select Log type
        – Log Type: LZOPEN
        – Sent Exchange: 001
        – Select LZOPEN contest. The Sent Exchange in the “contest selection window” is 001 or #.
        – Your F2 exchange message should be: {EXCH}  {LASTEXCH} or # {LASTEXCH}
        – Since it is required, the program will always send leading zeros for this contest. Unchecking the leading zeros box in Configurer will have no effect
        – When a callsign is in the Entry Window, the Info Window displays the time since you last worked the station
        – If you have a radio interface enabled, the bandmap colors of the callsigns will update when you can work the station again for points
            · Set the Bandmap Packet Spot Timeout greater than 30 minutes
        – Do not enter received cut letters into the exchange box. They will not be converted to numbers
        – Read the contest rules
        – Submit the contest results with the Cabrillo output

The 30 minute time period is computed per the organizers instructions. That is to ignore the seconds of the logged QSO when computing the 30 minute interval. The 30 minute interval is computed from the last QSO on the current band so it is not recommended to log a contact that will not produce any points.

LZ Open and LZ Sprint contests display the sent exchange on the Entry Window status line. This addition expects that the {LASTEXCH} macro is used as required by these contests.